Heart School


Mr Paolo Ferrazzi


Becoming a “Fondazione International Heart School - Onlus L. Parenzan J. W. Kirklin” member means giving young doctors from emerging countries the chance to update their knowledge and overcome the barriers they encounter in their countries of origin. Collaborating with us also means increasing assistance levels from a qualitative and quantitative perspective for cardiovascular diseases all while reducing mortality, especially in children, around the world.

Becoming a member of the Fondazione also means sharing its ethical values without waiving your own personal or corporate values or your own sales or image goals.

You can become a Member:

  • by fully or partially funding grants for a local doctor
  • by sponsoring an event for new communication and public relations opportunities for your company
  • by using some of the Fondazione products or services (for example, services for students during their stay in Italy, rentals, etc.)

If you'd like to support the Fondazione International Heart School - Onlus L. Parenzan J. W. Kirklin, you may make a donation via bank transfer

Holder: Fondazione International Heart School - Onlus L. Parenzan J.W. Kirklin

IBAN: IT 46 M 03069 111661 0000 0017 631 - Intesa San Paolo

Indicate the following in the deposit line: Donation to Fondazione International Heart School - Onlus L. Parenzan J.W. Kirklin

Tax laws benefit people who make donations to organisations that carry out activities that are useful to the general public, particularly ONLUS (the Italian acronym for non-profit organisations with social aims).


Private individuals and companies may deduct donations they make from their earnings on their annual income tax statements up to a limit of 10% of their total declared earnings with a maximum of 70,000 euros a year (art. 14, section 1 of D.L. 35/05 which was converted to Italian Law no. 80 of 14/05/2005, known as the More You Give, the Less You Pay Act).

Alternatively, it is possible to declare under the prior regulation which established:

  • for private individuals: the possibility of deducting 26% of a donated sum up to a maximum of 30,000 annually from one's gross personal income taxes (art.15, section 1, letter i-bis of Italian law D.P.R. 917/86)
  • for companies: the possibility of deducting donations made to ONLUS in an amount not to exceed 30,000 euros annually or 2% of the company's declared revenue (art.100, section 2, letter h of Italian law D.P.R. 917/86).

But, remember that in order to benefit from these deductions, you must always keep proof of any donations you make to us. That would be:

  • the deposit receipt for donations with postal verification
  • account entries or account statements issued by your bank for transfers or direct debits;
  • the credit card statement issued by the credit institution for donations made by credit card.

Documentation corresponding to a tax statement must be kept until 31 December of the fourth year following filing.


One way to make a donation that costs nothing is 5x1000.


  • Find the box Choice to assign five out of every thousand on Italian personal income tax forms (CUD 730 and UNIQUE form for private individuals in Italy)
  • Sign the box Support volunteers and other non-profit organisations with social aims (Onlus)
  • Enter the tax code for Fondazione International Heart School: 02250870165

5x1000 is a tax measured that was introduced in 2006 to support ONLUS, volunteers and research. 5x1000 has been surprisingly very well received by taxpayers from the beginning. It offers the chance to earmark 5x1000 of one's personal income tax (in other words, 0.5%) as a charity contribution to a non-profit organisation. This decision was adopted by the Italian government under law DPCM of 20 January 2006, which was published in the Official Italian Gazette No. 22 of 27 January 2006 to encourage support for organisations with social aims.

Assigning 5x1000 to IHS doesn't cost a thing! You'll pay the income tax you owe and nothing more; the Government will be responsible for earmarking a part of the tax owed by taxpayers (5x1000) for charitable purposes.

As an ONLUS (Non-Profit Organisation with Social Aims), Fondazione International Heart School is an organisation approved by the Italian Tax Administration meaning it may be a recipient of the 5x1000 programme. The 2008 Financial Act of 24 December 2007 No. 244 confirmed the possibility of earmarking 5x1000 of personal income tax for social aims. It's a way for you to support projects undertaken by Fondazione International Heart School. If you do not indicate the tax code and only include your signature in the Support volunteers and other non-profit organisations with social aims box, the amount will not be allocated to IHS but rather it will be sub-divided in proportion to the number of preferences received by organisations of the same category. So, please remember to indicate our tax code 02250870165; it's important! The 5x1000 choice is added to the 8x1000 programme. Therefore, the two options may be chosen without taxpayers having to pay any more taxes that would otherwise be due.